Health and Wellbeing
The IBIS Pricing Policy

Most of the people living in the region serviced by IBIS stores are low income earners with families. The IBIS Pricing Policy has been designed to assist people on limited incomes with the opportunity of providing their families with healthy meals by making healthy food affordable.

The principles of this policy are simple:

  • Only healthy/healthier foods are promoted in weekly advertising;
  • The prices of all healthy food, especially fresh fruit and vegetables, are kept as low as possible, and often sold below cost;
  • Water and unsugared drinks are promoted in advertising over sugared drinks; and
  • Unhealthy food such as sweet biscuits, sugared drinks and cigarettes supplement the cost of the policy by being marked up in price but they will be able to feed their families fresh fruit and vegetables every day of the week.

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'IBIS Healthy Lifestyle Booklet'.
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