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IBIS is a multi-outlet retail operation with eighteen stores, one service station and five self-operated fuel dispensers. These outlets are established in the following locations (NB the European names for the Islands of the Torres Strait are shown in brackets):

  • Bamaga Store (Mainland Australia)
  • Boigu Island Store
  • Coconut (Poruma) Island Store
  • Darnley (Erub) Island Store
  • Dauan Island Store
  • Horn (Narupai) Island Store
  • Kubin Community Store (Moa Island) *
  • Mabuiag Island Store
  • Murray (Mer) Island Store
  • Rosehill Community Store, Thursday (Waiben) Island
  • Saibai Island Store
  • St Pauls Community Store (Moa Island) *
  • Stephen (Ugar) Island Store
  • Tamwoy Community Store, Thursday (Waiben) Island
  • Thursday Island (Waiben) Hardware Store
  • Thursday Island (Waiben) Main Store **
  • Warraber (Sue) Island Store *
  • Yam (Iama) Island Store *
  • Yorke (Masig) Island Store *

* indicates store has a self-operated fuel dispenser
** indicates store has a service station attached

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